My Camping Trip (Design Camping)

It has been 2 weeks since I went to the Design Camp in Seattle, and I am just getting around to blogging about it. Can you say, slacker?? I can! Slacker! Oh, well 'tis my life.
I think the reason I haven't blogged about it yet, is because I'm still letting it all sink in. There was so much information being thrown at me that I almost wanted to crawl into my happy place, curl up in fetal position and start sucking my thumb.
Seriously, I learned a lot and it was a great experience. If you have a design company or a design student I highly recommend it. I am so grateful for winning my ticket. Thanks again Kim Hoegger!
I won't go into all the details today. I am going to try to organize my thoughts a little better and do separate posts on what I learned.
Here are just some highlights of Design Camp.
The Camp is put on by Lori Dennis and Kelli Ellis. Both are highly talented, have a long list of incredible credentials and rub elbows with the best of the best in the design world. You'd think they would be stuffy, maybe a little intimidating but they couldn't have been more friendly, fun and high spirited.

At the Camp, things that were discussed were: trends for 2013, business strategies, branding, social media tips, the world of real estate staging, commercial design, bath and kitchen design, lighting, how to get published, and even how to get on television. Amazing stuff was covered.

I was thrilled to meet this guy!

Nathan Turner was fabulous of course, and very personable.When he mentioned he used BM Super White in his beach house and in lots of his work, I couldn't help but scream in my head, "that's what I used! We must be design soul mates!" Haha. But I did have something to tell my husband when I got home, since he's not so on board my Paint it All White mission. If Nathan uses it, it must be good.

I also met Ronda Rice Carman, of All the Best Blog.
I bought and had her sign her new book , Designers at Home. I haven't got a chance to dive into it yet, but can't wait.

Also, finally got the chance to meet a local designer/blogger Keri Petersen from KP Spaces.
She did a presentation on stagging, and she did a great job.

I got to meet alot of other bloggers, Jen from At Home in the Northwest (Jen, how did we not get a picture of us??), Melissa from Design Delights, Maggie from Maggie Rose Online, Molly Quinn, a designer from Louisiana, and Holly from Holly Holbrook Interior Design. I met many others but one thing I wish I could've done was socialize more. I am very shy when meeting new people at first and wished I had tried to connect more. That is my only downfall of these three great days.

Again, I will post more about what I've learned later, but just wanted to share this with you since I hadn't done so yet.

If you are interested in this camp, they still have more camps lined up in Las Vegas, Philadelphia, and Orange County.

Oh, and a little side note, since I tend to not post for awhile at times be sure to follow me on Instagram (instagram/stewardofdesign) to see what I am up to between posts. It's my new addiction! Are you on it? Let me know and I'll follow you too.


  1. I need to finish up my Design Camp Overview as well! Tried to finish it up tonight! But instead, I'll head to bed and hopefully finish it tomorrow....

  2. I share your white paint passion! We are painting pretty much our entire home SW Extra White, which is almost itentical to BM Super White. :)

    The Glam Pad


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