Chalk One Up for Week Two

We are now at week 2 of the One Room Challenge. I picked a tiny room for my challenge and thought to myself that 6 weeks will be more than enough time to complete this room. I have no fear that it won't be completed by 6 weeks, but at the rate I'm moving it may not be done earlier than I anticipated.

In case you've missed it, here is the post on my selected room.

What have I accomplished from last week? Well, sadly not a whole lot.


In Process
One coat of the chalkboard paint was thrown on, to be honest....yesterday! Second coat hopefully will be put on today. This is my first time using chalkboard paint and it wasn't really any different than painting with regular paint. I little tip though, if you aren't going straight home to paint with this particular paint, note that you need to do a lot of stirring before you start. It really becomes thick on the bottom of the can, so either be prepared to stir a lot, or take it down to your closet paint retailer and ask if they will shake the can for you.

Also, it wasn't a completely lazy painter move as you see the lights dangling there,I couldn't take the lights down because there is no other light source in this tiny room and no windows.

I didn't exactly show my plan for this room last week, so here is what our current plan is.

A Chalkboard wall.

Via Felt So Cute

Bean bags for lounging.
Via PB Teen
 Sheep skin rugs for softness and texture in the room.

Via Ikea

Painting the remaining three walls and the slanted ceiling in an ombre effect. Using the same turquoise color that we painted her bedroom ceiling with.

Via P.S. I made this

 Adding this fun banner on one of her walls.

Via PB Teen
I will also attempt to paint her bookshelves in this room, add a full length mirror to one wall and some wall hooks, and find some new lights. I best get going!

It was really fun seeing the over 70 other bloggers link of to Linda's challenge. There are lots of fun projects going on. If you'd like to follow along, go check out Linda's blog.


  1. Its coming right along! I love the black chalkboard wall. It's going to be so cool in there.

  2. You made some great progress! I can't wait to see what you do -- I love the ombre wall idea!

  3. Wow - a whole wall in chalk board! I've thought about doing chalkboard below a chair rail in my grand daughter's room - but the hubs said 'NO WAY'! Love to see how the ombre wall looks!

  4. My girls want a chalkboard wall in their little cubby space off of their rooms too - thanks for the tip on shaking the can! That ombre wall is super cool - your daughter is going to love it.

  5. Stacey, your room is going to be fabulous! I love that chalkboard wall!! I cannot wait to see how it turns out!

    The Glam Pad

  6. I love the chalkboard wall. Glad to know that someone will finish. I never know if I will. Love the banner idea.

  7. Fun, Stacey! I love your chalkboard wall, ours is framed and it's funny people always like to put their stamp on it when they're here!

  8. The chalkboard wall is already a huge feat Stacey! I say that because painting with chalkboard paint is a bit hard,since I did it before in our first house, lots of coats and the uneveness drove me crazy! Anyhow, that ombre wall treatment looks absolutely stunning, good luck dear!

  9. Very cool, I love the art wall and the color you chose. I'm going to paint one in my kitchen this week. I wish I'd found this link party sooner... Good luck with the rest!

  10. Love your ideas and inspiration pics. I am excited to see the ombre effect on the walls! She is going to be one lucky girl.

  11. Ombre wall??? You are my hero…I can't wait to see that!! It's looking good so far Stacey - such a fun room to work on!!

  12. Love where you are going with this room! Ombré wall will be fantastic and I'm a big fan of Ikea's sheepskin...instant chic.


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