Pottery Barn Gift of the Day

Sorry, I am a couple days late to remind you all but Pottery Barn has started their Gift of the Day.
Each day, they put something on sale and I purchased a few good deals this way last year.
This year I am only seeing the Gift of the Day on the main Pottery Barn website and Williams-Sonoma. Last year they had it on all their sites, PBkids, PB Teen and West Elm.... But there are still some really good sales going on over there as well.

Be sure to hop on over there and check out what is on sale each day. Let me know what good deals you end up picking up.
Happy Shopping!

*** I've started decorating. How about you? Am I the last one to still be working on it? Follow me on Instagram/stewardofdesign for little sneak peeks before my house tour on the 19th!*****

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