Light or Dark? A Dilemma

I am so itching to redo our Master Bedroom. I have it all basically planned out but I am torn on one thing.. the wall color.

We have been repainting all our main living areas white, and I LOVE it. It's so bright and clean feeling, and makes me happy. Weird, I know but true

I thought I'd do the same in the bedroom and master bath area but I've been loving the really dark grey or even dark navy I've been seeing pop up as well. Since this is a bedroom, I don't mind it being really dark in color.

But I'm still torn none the less, so I thought I see if you could help a girl out. What would you do?

I am going to spare you from seeing photos of the horrid room in its current state. Maybe later.

This however is my bedding, just to give you an idea. My furniture is dark wood, and I will be adding a linen color headboard. You can see my whole plan of ideas on Pinterest here.

So.... dark???
Dear Lillie
Tom Scheerer
Or white???

Pottery Barn

Steven Gambrel
Love to know your thoughts?


  1. So funny - I'm having the same dilemma for our bedroom. Really, either way is win-win. My plan is to figure out drapes first - if I fall in love with light ones, I'm painting the room dark and vice versa. Our bedroom is a bit down the line in the to-do list so I'll love seeing how yours turns out first!

  2. Part of me loves a dark sleeping cave, I admit it. I think if you're going to go dark on the walls, go lighter with the bedding, and vice versa. Honestly - both looks totally appeal to me!

  3. Living in the NW where it's dark and gloomy a good portion of the time, I tend to gravitate more toward light. But love the look of the dark!

  4. Our master is navy blue and I adore it. It's great for sleeping - it's such a cave. By day the white trim is a bright contrast and I love that too. I am a huge fan of deep colors in a bedroom or bathroom. Look forward to seeing what you do!

  5. Well I'm no help because I'm just as torn! I'm a fan of light and neutral, but a dark bedroom seems so restful and enveloping. Go for it Stacey! I need the inspiration :)

  6. I'm about four seconds away from going straight to the hardware store for some navy paint and just going for it in my own bedroom, so I vote dark! :) I love bright rooms everywhere else, but for a bedroom, dark just seems so cozy!

  7. White, white, white.....the only dark room in my home is my powder room. Since it has no windows, and it's small, I like it. Good luck.

  8. I think white color looks very fresh ... It can give a relaxing atmosphere ...
    I love white color.

  9. This is a tough decision, but I would have to go with a lighter color - love the idea of the dark for a bedroom, but don't think I would ever be able to do it…such a craver of light!! Can't wait to see what you choose.

  10. I think it also depends on what you want from your bedroom, as well as the actual size of it. The dark colors tend to shrink a room and can be very depressing unless you have an excellent light source, plenty of space, and bright accents. But if you're someone who likes to actually 'live' in her room, maybe a white would be better. I'm sure whatever you choose, it'll be gorgeous:-)


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