New to Me Product and a Giveaway!

I've mentioned before that I am sort of a product hoarder and I'm a sucker (sometimes) for claims and packaging. I am really trying to be good now and only buy things when I need them. I don't like the clutter and do I really need 5 different blushes at one time or 8 lip glosses? Some of you might say yes, and if so, maybe some of you may have a problem like me.

One of the blogs I follow and local blogger, Leslie from Around the Table had a post a few weeks back reviewing a product I never heard of Kari Gran. She was also hosting a giveaway. I was very intrigued about this new to me product. Then just a day or so later at a family dinner, my sister in law mentions she is trying a new skin care system... Kari Gran. No way! After hearing about this product within a couple days, I knew I had to give it a shot.

It's a local company, in Seattle and it is also an all natural, organic skin care line. All the ingredients are listed on their website.  I am big into cleaning without harmful chemicals and I am trying to move that onto my skincare needs. Did you know up to 60% of what we put on our skin gets absorbed into our body and bloodstream? Did you know there is very little regulation on products used in the personal care products and cosmetics we use? There are some serious chemicals being added to these products and they are not being tested on their safety at all.

That being said, I was anxious to try this line out and after the first use I was in love.
The cleanser is made of a blend of oils and vitamin E. You may have noticed the buzz around oil cleansing and believe me this stuff works. You could certainly buy your own oil but this is a blend of high quality organic oils that I don't think I could buy and make for any less. Nor do I have the time.
It pulls away all my makeup (every spec of mascara too), oil and dirt. It leaves my skin very clean and not tight or oily as you might think.

The Hydrating Tonic and Essential serum is to be put on after you wash off the cleansing oil at night and to use in the morning as well. It feels so fresh! I wake up and my skin looks really great. I swear my makeup stays on longer as well. Speaking of makeup, I also have purchased their mineral foundation and lip whip as well. Both super great products too!

I am really loving this product line so much and you know when you try something new and love it and you just want to share it with all your best friends? Well, that's what I'm doing.

I am very excited to announce that Kari Gran has graciously agreed to giveaway one of their starter kits (valued at $35) to one of my readers.

Anyone can enter this giveaway. But since I like to give back to my loyal readers, if you follow my blog on google friend connect, bloglovin or subscribe by email, or follow me on facebook, twitter, pinterest, or instagram, please give yourself extra entries per whatever source you follow me by.
Just leave a comment per way you follow me by. For anonymous entries and no-reply users, be sure to leave your email.

I will hold this giveaway open until next Friday, April 25 2014 at 12am pacific time and  will announce the winner April 26th. Check out all of Kari Gran's products here.

Good luck!

*photos are courtesy for karigran.com and I was not paid or compensated for this review or giveaway.*


  1. There are some scary ingredients out there, so thanks for sharing info about a product line that looks safe!

  2. I love to try new products, too! I follow on GFC.

  3. I am following on FB now too. And I think I have the same little dish as in your first photo! Love it!!

  4. I follow by email. Thanks for the giveaway.

  5. It's amazing what harmful ingredients are in beauty products (as well as cleaning products, paint, food!) I'm so glad more and more companies are seeking to create products that work, and do not contain potentially harmful ingredients. This line sounds wonderful, I have to check out their lip whips and mineral foundation!

  6. thanks for the tip on this new to me product line. in my life before littles I was (well still am) a chemist and it is definitely scary to read ingredient labels on the cosmetics I too hoard myself :) definitely going to try her line. thanks again :)

  7. Fun! I love new products!! I follow you on IG, Facebook, subscribe by email, Pinterest and twitter. Good grief! I look like a stalker....I follow you everywhere!!

    Jen Gilday

  8. Crazy. I just read about her products since I am considering new facial products. My skin has been all over the place lately and it has been driving me nuts. Are you now going to use her products full-time now that you've tested hers? I would love to win the sample…I've read a lot of good reviews about her line. I follow you via pinterest!

    1. Yes. I have totally converted over to this line. The only thing I haven't tried yet is the blush and eye shadow.

  9. Thanks for the fun giveaway, Stacey! I'm always skeptical trying new products unless they come recommended. I follow via GFC and now Bloglovin :)

  10. I'm a sucker for any new skincare products! This sounds wonderful! I use lots of oils and am a believer! Wonderful opportunity!
    PS - and I added you to my sidebar favorites today, sorry it has taken me so long!

  11. I have just learned of oil cleansing and this product line. Cannot wait to try it! Thanks for the giveaway!

  12. Follow you on email now as well. Thanks!

  13. I'm always looking for great natural products. Would love to try these. I get your emails and follow on Pinterest. Thanks!


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