Ticking Stripe

One of my all time favorite fabrics is ticking stripe. Just love it. I love it in almost any color but my favorite is in blue.

I have blue ticking stripe pillows in my living room and ticking stripe slipcovers on my dining room chairs. I NEVER get sick of this fabric. It reminds me of one of my grandfather's. I was young when he passed along, but my memory of him is him wearing ticking stripe overalls or a hat with ticking stripe. Maybe that's why I like it so much, because it's so familiar. I love how it makes a space feel casual and relaxed.

Here are some great examples of ticking stripe.

You can see sources and more examples on my Pinterest board. {here}

Now you can't imagine how happy I was to see a whole bunch of new stripe goodness in Pottery Barn's new spring line.

Pottery Barn

I am hoping to be redoing our master bedroom soon, and I will be purchasing a few of the above items. So excited!
So do you have a love for ticking stripe as well?


  1. It is so versatile! I'm partial to the blue, too. I also like the tan/brown color (love that example of the stripe pillows on the solid chairs).

  2. I love ticking stripe too -- it's like a cute outfit that you can dress up or down! A classic! Happy New Year!

  3. Love the stripe- for some reason, I feel it tends to blend better with other colors than if it is a solid. It's like that one kid in school who somehow manages to get along with everyone...


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