Wow, where the heck have I been? Only 3 posts in November?! Man, I have really taken a break from this blog a little too much.
You'd think that I could come back here and show you or tell you all the MANY things I have accomplished during this time, but sadly I do not.
I've just been feeling a little overwhelmed and when I feel overwhelmed I just shut down and do very little.
So, I am here to say enough with that. No more moping around, this girl needs to get things DONE! These projects aren't going to get done themselves. {Sadly}
What do I have on the list? Well, where do I start? This list is more for me, and what I need to check off.
  • Christmas decorating
  • Christmas shopping
  • Finishing one of my daughter's bedroom makeover
  • Starting one of my other daughter's bedroom makeover
  • Finishing little touches in our family room makeover
  • Taking the bags of clothes to consignment, so my husband stops giving me that "look" every time he drives into the garage and sees them still sitting there.
  • Trying to finish a Unit in my Sheffield Interior Design program that I am taking
  • Oh, and just trying to keep up with everyday life stuff
I'm not going to cry and complain, since I know I am not alone in this game of huge lists of "to do's". And for you women, that can keep up without drowning, I bow down to your super powers.

Here is a little of what I've been up to lately.

Okay, well I can't really say I did the top picture of the outside lights. That credit goes to my husband. Thanks Honey!
Sorry, the tree is blurry. I need to figure out how to work my new DSLR camera. Another thing to add to my list.
Last picture is the current bedroom I am working on. It's been painted, Benjamin Moore's Gray Owl. New carpets have been installed. Now I just need to finish the painting of the trim. I can't wait to start decorating it, and I know my daughter is quite anxious as well. Hopefully, soon I'll be able to show you the after shots.
Those of you that follow my blog, thanks for hanging in there with me!


Things That Matter: A Book Review

After waiting months to get my hands on Nate Berkus' new book, Things That Matter, I have finally got my greedy little fingers on it.
Wow, it is not what I was expecting at all. First of all, I had seen the cover before its release but having it just sitting on my coffee table with Nate staring at me with those brooding eyes. I don't even have to open the book to make it worth the $20 + I spent. The cover is gorgeous on it's own. {Sorry, to my husband if you are reading this, but you know he's pretty darn handsome.}
Anyways, if you can allow yourself to get past the cover, you will find a beautiful and insightful story inside the pages about Nate.
I have watched Nate on Oprah since he first appeared on her show, and followed him over to his own show, but it was so interesting to learn about his growing up years, his love for design from such an early age, how he started his career and his heart wrenching story of his account of being in the 2004 tsunami while vacationing in Sri Lanka.
Nate has been known to say that your home should represent YOU. It should show the story of you. I'm not sure my home does that. Since reading his book, I will be forever more thoughtful of my designs, and the things I buy for the home.
It shouldn't matter where you buy your home accessories, how much you spent on it, or if it's the latest trend. What should matter is if those things bring you happiness seeing them, if they bring back good memories or maybe inspire you.
Are you surrounded by things that matter? This is something that I will always have in the back of my mind. Not only for home decorating, but in all instances of my life. For all the little trivial things that pop in life, I will try so hard to keep in mind, does this really matter? Does this really matter in the scheme of all things?
Thank you Nate for a beautiful and inspiring book. Thank you for sharing your life (so far) story. It was so great to know you a little better.
I can't have a post of Nate without showing some of his beautiful designs....


Small on Space, Enormous on Style

I'd like to share a home designed by Elizabeth Martin of Elizabeth Martin Design. I found these photos by chance through an interview on the Pottery Barn blog. Okay, where have I been? I didn't know Pottery Barn had their own blog!
It is a only a 700 square foot space, and it is simply beautiful!


Nice, huh?
If you have been in the dark about PB's blog, be sure to check it out here and read the interview with Elizabeth.


A Twist on a Farmhouse Kitchen

As I have shared before, I am a huge fan of Sarah Richardson. I was watching Sarah 101 this morning and was blown away by the gorgeous kitchen she designed for one of her high school friends, who lives out in the country.
I knew I had to share it with you all. You're welcome!

I love white kitchens number one, but I LOVE how she added the barn wood to the island. I LOVE the shelving next to the stove top. I LOVE the herringbone pattern of the white tile back splash,  and I LOVE the colors. If I was going to be nit picky, the only thing I am not crazy about was the lighting above the island. But other than that, I LOVE LOVE this kitchen! Did I happen to say I LOVE it?
Oh, by the way.... HGTV if I was ever to be blessed by you reading my blog... why the heck would you air a new season of Sarah 101 on a Monday morning?? It's 5:30 am here for me on PST! Thank goodness for DVR's!! And maybe I have missed the promos for it on your station but the only way I heard about it was from liking Sarah Richardson of Facebook, and reading one of her posts. What's up with that HGTV?? Sarah's shows are one of the best shows you have in my opinion!
To see more of Sarah's rooms, visit HGTV.ca.
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