A Twist on a Farmhouse Kitchen

As I have shared before, I am a huge fan of Sarah Richardson. I was watching Sarah 101 this morning and was blown away by the gorgeous kitchen she designed for one of her high school friends, who lives out in the country.
I knew I had to share it with you all. You're welcome!

I love white kitchens number one, but I LOVE how she added the barn wood to the island. I LOVE the shelving next to the stove top. I LOVE the herringbone pattern of the white tile back splash,  and I LOVE the colors. If I was going to be nit picky, the only thing I am not crazy about was the lighting above the island. But other than that, I LOVE LOVE this kitchen! Did I happen to say I LOVE it?
Oh, by the way.... HGTV if I was ever to be blessed by you reading my blog... why the heck would you air a new season of Sarah 101 on a Monday morning?? It's 5:30 am here for me on PST! Thank goodness for DVR's!! And maybe I have missed the promos for it on your station but the only way I heard about it was from liking Sarah Richardson of Facebook, and reading one of her posts. What's up with that HGTV?? Sarah's shows are one of the best shows you have in my opinion!
To see more of Sarah's rooms, visit HGTV.ca.


  1. GASP! The barn wood touches are KILLING me. I need barn wood in my life, right away. I just started watching old seasons of Sarah's House last week and I'm hooked on her style. SO beautiful.

  2. I have sara 101 on my dvr but haven't watched it yet! Looking forward to after this blog post!!


  3. Love, love, love the barn wood! I was planning to put barn wood on the back of our kitchen bar when we do a kitchen reno and I'm loving the idea of placing it in a neat pattern like Sarah did!

  4. I loved-loved-loved this episode!!! I've watched about a 100 times already!
    This white-gray kitchen is to die for!!


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