One Room Challenge- Half Way Point

Week three people! That means we are at the half way point of the One Room Challenge of transforming a room in 6 weeks. If you are just checking in, here's week one and week two to catch up on my plans for my master bedroom.

Not a whole lot happened this past week. Painting is done. Hallelujah! Oh, yea, blinds and curtains went up. I love them so much. Well, you know as much as you can love window coverings anyway.
 More details on what they are and where I purchased them later.

I also put up my Serena & Lily mirror. I bought this awhile back during a big sale they were having and at the time I didn't know exactly where I was going to put it. It was just one of those things that I absolutely loved and knew eventually I'd find the place, and now it's in it's perfect spot.

Our new headboard arrived as well this week. The Lewis slipcovered headboard from Pottery Barn. It was on sale, yeah!

A little DIY tip with painting.. is this tool. Slip it under your floor moldings and painting goes so fast and easy.

With a heavy heart I have to report that I won't be getting the South Seas Side Carts from Serena & Lily. I am so completely bummed because I loved them so much. Just as I was about to place my order, I began thinking if my heavy  (15lbs) lamps would be okay on these tables, if maybe they might not hold them well over time. I sent an email to the company and asked what the weight capacity was and they had a vague answer of that it might hold up to 10 lbs. I informed them my lamps were 15, and was told that might work. Well, I certainly couldn't go off it "might" work.
So I had to look for alternatives with sad remorse.

Serena & Lily

I found this one, the Laguna Side table from Pottery Barn that had a similar look.
It states right on the website it holds up to 50lbs on each level. 50! Yes, I was safe.
It's not the same and I'm not in love like I am with the S&L table but it will be a fine substitute and I will not be worried about if it will hold up over time. Plus, I had a coupon to use so that's a plus.

Pottery Barn

Another change I made is deciding to get this Ektorp chair from Ikea rather than the Pier One chair I showed in week one. Reason for this switch is #1 it's cheaper and #2 with it being a solid white it will have longer longevity in my room if/when I decide to ever change up my bedding/curtains, etc. The other one was a striped white and blue and I'd be stuck with the pattern, while this one I can play around with different throws and pillows.

Speaking of throws and pillows, I went to my local Restoration Hardware outlet store yesterday and purchased a great big linen throw and this pillow for the chair. They are having a 40% off everything in store sale, so if you are close to a RH outlet... RUN! That is 40% off already discounted items. Great deals to be had.

Restoration Hardware

 I also purchased two of these pillows for my bed.
Etsy/Oh My Pillow
And I will be ordering these prints for the room.

Etsy/Vintage by the Shore

 My plans for this week, is to organize my desk area and accessorize the top of the bookshelf. As you can see I am off to a slow start. I want to find some large white and blue vases and maybe some other lanterns. Wish me luck.

Also, for this week hopefully we will get an electrician out here to look at our ceiling light situation. My husband spoke to our contractor friend and was told we will more than likely need a permit to have the wiring done to install a light fixture in the ceiling ( there currently is no ceiling light in this room, or any of the bedrooms!). So... if we have to get a permit that might take awhile. Ugh. Hoping it all works out and is an easy and quick process. If it's a huge hassle we might just forget about it. We've gone 13 years without an overhead light so I guess it wouldn't be the end of the world.

If you haven't seen what the 20 bloggers are up to for this challenge on Linda's blog, Calling it Home, you MUST go over there and see what everyone is up to. Serious design business happening over there. Also, be sure to check out my fellow linking partners with today's updates on her blog. You are certainly going to find some great inspiration over there.

Hope you'll come back next week, and I'll be able to share some more progress.


  1. Stacey, can we talk about those walls??? They look so great! Also I love all the white & blue with the bit of wood tone from the side tables, mirror, & bookcase.

  2. I wish I had a RH outlet near by! Loving the pillows. Good luck with the lighting.

  3. Looking fabulous-jealous of the curtain install! What's this crazy talk about a permit to get lights done? I never have had a permit and I'm always adding lights- oops!

  4. Looks GREAT, Stacey!! Can't wait to see the final reveal. So impressed you have made so much progress! You're cruising!

  5. And wondering if I really need to head up the RH outlet. Was it really worth it!?!?

  6. Yes, the alternative tables will be great. When one door closes, another opens. Love the headboard, and what is that painting tool called??

  7. Excellent tip! I did the same thing when painting our baseboards. Cant wait to see what you do next week.

  8. I've been thinking about getting the Lewis headboard -- just yesterday I was talking to PB about it and they said you have to buy their "special" bed frame. Did you have to buy a PB frame? Or were you able to attach it to an existing one?
    I love where you're going with everything. This is such great inspiration for all the hemming & hawwing I'm doing while trying to figure out my own master bedroom!
    (Also - those prints are really cool!)

  9. WOW!!! Loving this already Stacey!!!! Gorgeous!!!

  10. looking great....love a good white chair!!

  11. That is great you've made such progress! Love your choices!

  12. I so love blue and white!! Looks like you are making great progress. It's crazy how fast this time is flying. I'm really loving the artwork.

  13. Looks great! The alternative table is awesome!

  14. The walls look so damn good!! :) I love all of your choices, this room is going to be great.

  15. Yay - you finished painting - the walls look awesome! And I'm loving your headboard! Bummer about the Serena & Lily carts but the alternate ones you found will look great too and it's worth it to be able to use those lamps (I have the same ones BTW and love them!). I love all of the choices that you are making for your room - progress may seem slow to you but looks like you're moving right along to me!!

  16. Love what you're doing! You are way ahead of me in progress - yikes :)

  17. I love the Ektorp chair - it will be so versatile! You have great taste - love the art!

  18. Looks good! Love your lamps! BTW, where did you get your woven shades - I really like the color! Can't wait to see the rest!

    1. Fran, the shades are from Lowes. The kind you can have cut for you in store. The color is origami.


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