One Room Challenge: Round 2 Linking Up

Spring is here and Linda from Calling it Home is hosting another round of her One Room Challenge.

She and 19 other major talented bloggers will be revamping a space in 6 weeks, check in on her blog every Wednesday to follow along. If you want to take on the challenge yourself you can too. Just link up your space every Thursday to Linda's blog.

I will be linking up once again. This challenge is fun and it helps put a little kick in my butt and holds me accountable to start and finish a project. So thank you Linda. Thank you for letting us all join in on the fun.

Last time I did a very tiny space. I didn't want to jump in without testing the waters you know. Baby steps. Now I am taking on a much bigger project.

Drumroll..... My Master bedroom.

I am totally going to keep it real here for you. I thought I'd clean up but no... this is the way I have been living for awhile now, and yes it's pitiful. No getting around this. This is NO sanctuary I can tell you that.

I have no real excuse but I will try a few out on you.

Oh my gosh! Really? Why? Why have I let this happen? Kind of like looking in the mirror every summer in a swimsuit and thinking "how did I let it get this bad?"

Please make me feel a little better and let me know I am not alone.

I know master bedrooms are definitely rooms that are put on the back burner the most, and since no one else comes in here other than me, my husband and my kids, no one sees it. Thank God!

But that shouldn't be an excuse. We need to make our rooms special and make it a place that we long to retreat to after a long day, not a dumping ground and a forgotten waste land.

Just to save face a little here.. yes, the wall color was a super bad choice but it was painted with a different bedding that we had. This blue bedding is new, so are the lamps. We have no headboard because we went from a queen to a king mattress and didn't buy a headboard yet. When we bought the new mattress, we switched the layout of the furniture and things just kind of just got thrown around, hence the cord mess by the dresser, and the desk area.. oh please let's just throw a sheet over that and call it good.

So, what is my plan?

Things that will change:
  • Lighten this room up with paint
  • Add some "character" to the space
  • New drapes (and yes, they will be hung higher.)
  • New headboard
  • Create a sitting area for reading
  • Change up the bedding a little
  • Add art above bed
  • Mount tv to wall above dresser
  • Slipcover made to put over chest at end of bed
  • Organize, organize, organize
I know I am breaking some major rules here in the bedroom for they say you shouldn't have a tv or work space or exercise equipment in you room since they all can disrupt sleep and none of them promote a "zen" type feeling.  Yup, I have the trifecta here.

Unfortunately, I have no other space in our house for our desk, nor the treadmill (unless we move it to the garage) and we aren't getting rid of the tv, so there! Ideally, in a perfect world I would love to have a separate office and a gym in my house but I do not, so I have to deal with it.

Here are some inspirational ideas of what's ahead.


 As you can see it will hopefully have a lighter, airy, coastal type vibe going on when I'm done with it. You can see more ideas on my Pinterest board, here.

Hope you will follow along and see how I change this room.  I will be back every Thursday with a progress report but you can also follow me on Instagram in the meantime.

Crossing fingers it turns out as good as I see it in my head.


  1. Don't feel bad at all - my master bedroom is much worse. For real. Your master is such a great space - love all of the windows! I'm looking forward to seeing you transform it!

  2. It looks wonderful! I love that blueberry and brown combo. So fresh!

  3. I like the direction you're going in here! I will be staying tuned to see how it comes together!

  4. I loved your last space, so I am looking forward to following along with this transformation!

  5. Love the coastal vibe. Can't wait to follow along!

  6. Hi Stacey! I'm loving your inspiration photos! Looking forward to following your design. Don't you just love the ORC? :)

  7. Way to go! Maybe you will inspire me to do OUR bedroom! It's on my list and it's a mess. Can't wait to watch your progress!!!


  8. So excited to see how it comes out!! Love your inspiration so far!!!

  9. Looks alot like our bedroom! Always the last room to get done.........love your ideas. Where is the chair/ottoman from? Love the look of them.

  10. You are not alone! I was just thinking that thank god nobody comes in my bedroom because there are typically bras flung all over the place. ;) This is going to be beautiful! I love the inspiration images and colors!

  11. Stacey, I love the direction you're taking this!!!!! The light palette with the pop of blue - it's going to be gorgeous!!

  12. I love that you are lightning things up in there! The blue is going to look great.

  13. My master is an embarrassment so I will be taking notes!

  14. I love the plan and color scheme. Its totally doable also which might get me going on my own bedroom.

  15. I cannot wait to see how your plan unfolds!

  16. Girlfriend, you should see our master... it's a disaster! I think that will be my next project. I love your inspiration here!! Your bedroom is going to be an oasis for sure!

    The Glam Pad

  17. Love the inspiration Stacey, I know you can turn your important private space in no time! Love the inspiration and plan!

  18. Love the inspiration and the direction you are taking it, should be so lovely!!

  19. Your inspiration is FABULOUS!! Our master is similar, that is on my "to do list" after I finish my guest for ORC....good luck, it will be all worth it when you're relaxing in that soon to be amazing bedroom!

  20. You are not alone! My master bedroom is horrible, and I'm currently "stuck" trying to figure out the vibe I want. I keep ordering and returning duvet covers! I'm excited to see what you do with your room - I need some inspiration!

  21. Hi Stacey, well this was kind of you to say. Your room is huge. I would never give up our television in the bedroom, either. I love your plan and I can't wait to see what you do. Welcome back :)

  22. I'm working on my master bedroom too! Love the blue in the bedding and the lamps, you have some good pieces already! Love your plan, we have very similar styles! Can't wait to see your progress! Best of luck from ORC gal to another!

  23. What's wrong with having a tv in your bedroom? I can't think of a cozier place to watch tv;) I love your color palette.

  24. That chandelier is gorgeous! I'm loving all the indigo you're going for too. Fist time visiting from ORC.

  25. The master is always that last room touched... I absolutely LOVE your color choices and inspiration photos! I can't wait to see more! Good luck!

  26. I agree the master bedroom easily becomes out of sight out of mind. Love your inspiration ideas!

  27. Stacey your sweet comment today made me catch up on all your blog posts and a few others...my life has been busy lately and haven't had time to read alot of blog posts...loads a great stuff i need to read here over the next wk! I've been a huge fan of that loveseat/chair from Pier One awhile...i just noticed the other day that the chair is on sale but it didn't show the loveseat anymore....but love your blueberry scheme and what you're creating! btw, where are those cute curtains from?

    1. Thank you , Jeanette! The drapes are from Serena & Lily.


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