Laundry Room Refresh: Week 2

We have come to week 2 now on the One Room Challenge that I'm participating in as a link up participant on Linda's Calling it Home blog.

Shall we play this fun game of let's pretend? Pretend I got a LOT accomplished this past week. Let's close our eyes, and picture the linoleum gone and tile being started, maybe the walls have been painted and possibly a new pretty countertop was installed. Now if you open your eyes, you will see that nothing has changed, other than a higher stack of laundry to do.

I will admit I didn't get much (aka nothing) done this week. Not for the lack of trying though. I went to Home Depot and Lowes, shopping for tile and came home with squat. Looked for a new light fixture and came home with squat. I went looking for ideas for my wall treatments, and came home with squat, zero, zilch, nada.

For first time visitors, you can see what my laundry room currently looks like here in Week 1.

Here's my original plan.
 The plan has now changed ever so slightly. Sadly, the plan to add an utility sink has been crossed out. My plan was to make this as cheap and easy of a refresh to the room as possible and adding the sink would not be cheap, nor easy as I was hoping. Plus, we would have to rip out our hide away iron board to make room for a sink, and that would lead to fixing drywall, and electrical work. So basically, it was a good dream of mine but will not be brought into fruition this time around. Insert very sad face emoji.

Next change is the tile. I was originally thinking I would be doing a black and white cement tile. While I really love the look of this tile, I've decided to go another direction. I know these are a show stopper and they sure are pretty but I've decided I am going for something a little more simpler in design.

Agnetha Home

I have decided to go with either white penny tile with black grout.

Kelly McGuill

 Or black penny tile with white grout.
Oliver and Simon Design

I am pretty confident in which one I'm going with but what would you choose?

As for the countertop, I said I was 50/50 on which direction I was going but I've made my decision.

I was thinking I would just paint the white Formica countertop with blackboard paint like I did for my bar area.

 After thinking about it a bit more, the room really will need some warmth so I've decided to go with the butcher block.

Studio McGee

In short, not really anything executed this week other than my finalizing some decisions. Time to get busy!

Come back next week, I'll be sure to show you some new changes to the room. Cross your fingers for me.

If you'd like to see more of my laundry room inspiration ideas, you can see my pinterest board, here.
Or follow me on Instagram for possibly some sneak peek photos.

To get caught up with the 20 designers/bloggers for week 2, go here. To see what other linking participants did this past week (which I know has got to be more than me)  go here.


  1. You can't go wrong with the penny tile! I like both versions but think the black would be fun and a little different, especially with the butcher block counters! Looking forward to seeing your progress next week Stacey!!

  2. Your space has so much potential! My vote is for black penny with the warm wood counters, especially with your white cabinetry. Can't wait to see this reveal!

  3. I love them both ways, but the black is statement making - can't wait to see more!!

  4. I love the idea of butcher block and the black penny! So simple and utilitarian! Perfect for a laundry room!!

  5. I really like the black penny tile. Plus it's different from the typical white that everyone uses. Although I still love white penny tile! I love the butcher block counter idea too.

  6. WOW...loving this. You have awesome ideas.

  7. I like the white penny with dark gout and love the butcher block:) I have it in my laundry area and have been super happy with it.

  8. If it makes you feel any better, I'm in the same boat - week 2 was not progress but some finalizing of decisions. LOVE either penny tile option and a definite thumbs up on the butcher block. We installed it over our washer and dryer and I love it!


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