Laundry Room Refresh Week 3

You came back! Thank you! It's week 3 here if you're keeping track on my 6 week Challenge of redoing our laundry room.

If you are new, I'm a linking participant of Linda's Calling it Home, One Room Challenge and here you can see my previous posts on week One and week Two.

I am happy to report I have progress. Yay!  We went and purchased our butcher block for the counter from Lumber Liquidators, who just happened to be having a sale. Very excited to save some money.

 We have since put a coat of polyurethane on it and thinking we should put one more coat.

Then my husband and I put up beadboard.

I have to give a huge shout out to my husband. He helps me execute these ideas and pretty sure I couldn't get half these things done without him. Somehow I always sucker him in, and I've found out (and him too) that I am more of the idea person and not so much the executing of the idea person.
So, if you read this Bill... Thank you and you know deep down you love these little projects. Ha!

Next up will be a top molding, and painting. I chose the tile and it's being ordered. The color will be kept a secret, as I have to keep some mystery to this project. Hopefully, it'll arrive and be installed before this 6 weeks is up.

That's a wrap on this week. Be sure to pop over to Linda's to see the 20 designers/bloggers for week 3 and all the linkup's today. So much inspiration happening, you'll love all the ideas flowing over there.

Oh and can I say, I wish my family room still looked like this.

Glad I documented it because now I have all my laundry room stuff scattered all in this room. Projects are fun huh?

See you next week!


  1. I love the beadboard installed horizontally! That looks so great Stacey, as does the countertop. You must be so excited - huge progress this week for you & your hubby!

  2. That beadboard does look amazing installed horizontally! Amazing progress!! So excited for you!


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