Shopping Around the House

Not that long ago I wrote a post on how I seem to have roadblocks when it comes to styling vignettes. I just don't want to just throw anything on table, shelf, mantel, etc. I want the items to be functional or have meaning to us.
So I went looking around the house and found a few items to add to one of my consoles in need. I had
the seltzer bottle, woven demi-john, and two metal buckets on top on my kitchen cabinets. I don't think they got noticed way up there very often, so I thought I'd bring them down to show them off and enjoy them more. I love all these items, and they are special to me because I purchased them from my cousin's store, Salt & Sea on Bainbridge Island. I love the textures, patina, and colors of them, and of course I love the Carnation Seattle wording on the milk jug.
For a little "nature inside" action that I am drawn to, I bought the fern at a local grocery store, and hopefully it will stay alive. The shells and coral are recent purchases brought back from our trip to Hawaii, and will remind us every time we walk by this table of our great trip there.

So, a little sigh of relief that I crossed the console off my list, now onto my entry table.


  1. Love the combination of textures - it looks great! (Love your console too by the way)

  2. I adore those sconces. Beautiful!

    1. Thank you Hannah! I'm happy I bought the sconces too.


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