Laundry Room Refresh Week 5

Week Five is here for the One Room Challenge of freshening up our laundry room.

If you are just checking in here for the first time, I'm a link up participant for Linda of Calling It Home's One Room Challenge that she hosts twice a year.

Here's a recap of my weeks leading up til today:

Last week was pretty unproductive and I was really hoping that more would've gotten done but honestly this will be a super quick post because not much was done. 

Painting didn't get done. I'm hoping to do that this weekend. It should go quick and hoping it will only need one coat.

My husband did a little DIY for me. I saw this Pottery Barn hanging system and love the simple look of it. 

 I love the simplicity of it and we had some leftover wood from the moldings, so we used that. We bought a 5/8" w dowel and cut it into 9 pegs. We found these black rubber caps and after we painted the pegs/rail, we attached those.

 Sorry for the very poor photo. Just have the peg rail sitting against the wall for now until I paint the room. I really like the look and hoping if I do decide in the future to buy any of the Pottery Barn components to this system it will fit our peg rail.

Now for the very bad news... I will more than likely NOT be done by Thursday's deadline. It is totally my fault. I was indecisive about what tile to use and for some reason thought I'd be able to find it in stock somewhere. Silly me. I got it ordered and it should've been here by now but there has been a delay. It should arrive now early next week, anywhere from Monday-Wednesday. Crossing fingers that there isn't any more delays. If we get the tile like Monday we might have a fighting chance.

Please do come back to see the final reveal (whenever that might be-gulp). I'm so excited to see the tile installed!

Here is this week's 20 designers/bloggers updates here, and the many other link up participants progress here

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